Why humor?

Why humor ? I am a happy person with sometimes a sad sight. Sensitive for depressions and panic attacks. They both make me who I am. Humor is a way to combine those two elements. A way to speak about the sad. And to turn it in to a smile. We all have difficult times in our live they can tear us apart, but can also bring us closer together. For me humor is the glue that can connect us. It is a way to talk to each other. It can make the pain, the problems in society visible and a way to deal with it. With a smile you tell the people around you that you are fine. But I am not always fine. It is the same with a joke, in a lot of jokes there is a victim. A person, a situation. We laugh about it to deal with it. To show it. And to realise how fuck up it is. Humor is more than just funny.

In this society we all are really scared for mostly the same things. Death, to lose our identity, to be nobody, not accepted, without love, without a safe place to life. We think we are alone in this. But every person needs those things and we have the same struggles. For example depression, we see it as a big problem, very scary. But it is a part of our lives as humans. If I tell people it is not going well with me they are surprised they almost cannot believe it. You are that happy person. Yes I am a happy person. But no, I am not always happy. People make very fast there conclusions, they want to believe what they see. But what you see is not always the truth. Now a days even more and more is the truth is a distorted truth. What we know connects us. A joke is funny if it is recognisable, so also if it is about something we don’t want to talk about or we don’t want to see.

A lot of things are difficult and we prefer to slide them under the carpet because than we cannot see them. We don’t want to talk about it, or only in one way. Humor is an icebreaker. When you laugh you feel better and in this way it is easier to talk about a difficult subject. This society is asking a lot of us and we cannot always fit in there. How hard we try. In a way we are all outsiders because nobody fits in the perfect image. How can we let go of this feeling? Humor can help us realise it and make it more easy.